Our core mission is to align project deliverables with business needs, drive value-add and ROI throughout the project and software development lifecycle, and enable the effective delivery of multi-regional multi-party stakeholder requirements.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is central to our commitment to our clients, a commitment that drives our values and core principles. We will investigate and understand business needs, support effective communication channels, and work with internal and external stakeholders to enable successful project delivery of business needs.

Requirement Elicitation and Specification

  • Stakeholder Identification – engaging the right people with the right questions
  • Requirements Elicitation – through workshops, interviews and surveys
  • Requirement Specifications – business, functional and non-functional using UML
  • Requirements Tracking – E2E traceability and compliance

Process Modelling

  • Process modelling utilising UML, BPMN and EPC
  • As-Is and To-Be process mapping
  • Process analysis, improvement and optimisation

User Experience

UX Design and Wireframes for ensuring effective alignment with user experience standards.

Other Business Analysis techniques:
  • Business Rules
  • CRUD matrices
  • Activity diagrams
  • Architectural diagrams

Solution Design and Deployment

We offer solution design in line with customer requirements and specifications, and technical consultation for delivery and implementation of projects across the budget spectrum.

We provide technical consultation to design and deploy effective solutions aligned closely to our clients’ business needs. We can create or review requirement and business process specifications, and then deliver the technical solutions our clients want:

  • Ascertaining current architecture, product roadmaps, company requirements and strategic goals in order to design concise and appropriate solutions.
  • Creation of High-Level and Low-Lever Design Specifications
  • Deployment in test and production environments of approved solutions
  • Authorship of build documentation; and user, support, and admin guides

Test and Defect Management

We are well placed given our E2E experience to support your business needs to the conclusion of your project, validating and verifying project deliverables have been met and driving quality development throughout testing:

  • Factory Acceptance Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Regressing Testing, etc.
  • Driving defect resolution for technical and commercial launches independently or via management of internal and/or satellite test teams.

Tools & Utilities

Tools we use to support these services:
Visio, JIRA, HP ALM, Enterprise Architect, Pivotal Tracker and Rational RequisitePro.
Aris (based on EPC formulated within the eTOM framework)

Ops & Strategy

Key Outputs

We author documentation in support of our services portfolio:

  • Specifications (e.g. functional and non-functional requirement specifications, and behavioural models utilising use cases, UX design and wireframes)
  • Design e.g. HLDs, LLDs
  • Process e.g. Business Process Specifications
  • Support e.g. Support Guides, Support Impact Assessments (SIASS)
  • Training e.g. admin and user guides
  • Case studies and POC (Proof of Concept) specifications, designed to show successful examples of implementing a proposed solution.


Our extensive experience and knowledge allow us to provide a comprehensive portfolio of services through your project’s lifecycle, and to apply our industry expertise to different market segments and sectors in disparate geographical locations. We have worked with clients operating in a variety of industries such as IT, Telecoms, Hospitality, Managed Services and Finance.
We are determined to leverage that experience and knowledge to deliver project value and measurable benefit to our customers.